Founded by Enrico Meloni and Francesco Briganti, Resolute is a visual design studio focused on 3D Animation, Post Production, VFX, Projection Mapping and Video Installation projects.
Resolute’s strength comes from the experience of the two founders
in the 3D animation and Video Installations fields, providing
a wide range of services and driving animation inside and outside
the classic screen canvas.

Thanks to this flexibility, the studio is working with a wide range
of freelance artists, studios, production houses, event management agencies and technical services, addressing the client’s needs into the most functional way and building the most appropriate team over each project.

Most important, the studio also provides Artistic Direction on each project, making sure that the final outcome will correctly fit the final support, from special effects for advertising films to Ultra HD projections on the most various materials.

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Resolute Studio
Via Malaga 6 - 20143,  Milan, Italy